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PHARMATREN A 100 - Buy Trenbolone Acetate

PHARMATREN A 100 - Buy Trenbolone Acetate
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Price: $88.00

PHARMATREN A 100 - Buy Trenbolone Acetate

Pharmatren A 100 is a revolutionary body weight management drug which contains the steroid TBA or Trenbolone Acetate. Wondering what the hormone actually does, well TBA basically is an AA or androgenic anabolic steroid and is quite a strong androgen receptor. In simple terms it helps in promoting growth. A great thing about TBA is that it doesn’t convert into estrogen and is basically a progestin. Few of the outcomes of TBA is steady weight gain, decreased muscle concentration of DNA and RNA, efficiency of food conversation, and last but not the least reduced activity of the cathespin D in the muscle. Half life of this hormone in your body circulation is a single day.

The steroid is quite rich in this hormone and help in the process of weight gain quite efficiently.