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PHARMATEST P 100 - Buy Testosterone Propionate

PHARMATEST P 100 - Buy Testosterone Propionate
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PHARMATEST P 100 - Buy Testosterone Propionate

Pharmatest P 100 is basically an intra-muscular injection that contains testosterone propionate, which is a male sexual hormone mainly responsible for androgenic actions.  This contains therapeutic and biological properties of the actual hormone in its natural form. Androgens are produced in a normal healthy male by his adrenal cortex and testes. A woman’s body also produces the same hormone although in much less quantity. Although its main function is to determine the sexual characteristic of the person, nevertheless, it has another ancillary function of anabolic action and it helps to increase body weight along with increasing the amount of protein synthesis in a person’s body.

If you are under the effect of this hormone, your bodyweight increases and the amount of urea excretion decrease. Each vile of Pharmatest P 100 contains 100mg/ml of the hormone testosterone propionate.